Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Its winter! (well almost)

Good grief!
Where has the time gone to.
I've been rather busy lately. Organising meetups for movies. Been co-ordinating stuff for the outdoor club. Lord knows why people want to follow me when I hardly know the places, but better to go in a group eh?
We just had our first snowfall yesterday. As usual people were sliding their cars all over the place, off the roads etc. You'd think that being local they'd be more aware and fit snow tires, but I guess familiarity breeds contempt? Until they hear the crunch of the wheels hitting a curb/car/tree/lampost (take your pick).
Ok more stuff for me coming up to do. Have an outdoor survival program overnighter this weekend. How to build shelters, signal fires, stay alive, trap bears (just kidding). Everything I've learned about jungle survival doesn't apply here, amazing what sort of stuff you need as basics, so away we shall go...

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