Thursday, December 27, 2007

A New Year is a Comin'

So one more year has almost passed. Time zooms past so much faster these days than I can remember. Or am I having so much fun these days that it seems faster?

I've been a busy boy for the last few weeks. Hence my truancy from here e-home.

Firstly I moved to a bigger place.

Secondly I just bought me a nice christmas present. :)

A brand new 2008 BMW F650GS loaded to the gills and then some as I add stuff. I'm browsing the Touratech catalog as I type.. power sockets, extra lights, aluminum panniers, bigger windscreen, the whole adventure touring set up here I come! I'm looking forward to doing the Dempster Highway to Inuvit in Summer. I will be crossing the Artic circle to get there woo hooo..

Now .. I just have to wait till Feb to get it as it's on order.... but ain't riding on the slippery roads anyway meanwhile... or will I? Muarhahaa with a bike anything is possible.

Sunday, December 02, 2007


So winter is here, chilly temperatures, flakes of snow, wind that chills down to your bones, people sliding all over the place, deer hiding, hares bounding around happy cos they now are white and blend in, birds grounded...
so why am I hiking around in -18C weather?
*goes to ice cave to ponder*

The outdoor survival program was awesome, just a space blanket, a poly sheet, a knife and moi surviving in the cold forest...

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