Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Ha! I survived another adventure!

Fall what fall? This felt like the middle of the goddamned winter. We just broke all records for the coldest fall and november ever..... for the last 110 years. Yes you read right, the last time it was that cold during fall was a 110 years ago and then it was only -26C. What global warming? More like global freezing. Even the all the Hurricanes decided to give the US a break this year. Although Mexico's west coast got hammered, bye bye Puerto Vallarta....(hint: eyeing for!)

It reached (thats not the correct word) dropped to an amazing -30.1 C, yes and that was the daytime high, on tuesday and it's not even officially winter yet.

Yes it's still fall here....I can't wait to see what winter really brings. Probably lots of "warm" weather, anything above -30 is warm.... hahaaa

So today was a relatively balmy -15C. It felt so warm I wasn't inclined to cover up like Lawrence of Arabia trekking through a desert storm. The last few days of walking around outdoor, the only thing you could see of my face was the slits of my eyes.... Apparently you can get frostbite on exposed skin in under -20C temperatures in a matter of minutes. Now I wasn't about to put that to the test.

So it will get warmer the next couple of days, it will only be -3 or so. Makes me want to break out the shorts and tees.

I watched The Bourne Supermacy on TV last night. Had been thinking of renting the dvd, funny how things come your way.

Into the retro phase now, anyone remember this song?

Monday, November 27, 2006

More Brrrrrrrrrr and a movie

Its -27 C ambient temp tonight with windchill at -38 ....and .....windchill warning tomorrow at -42...yikes...but I'm staying home curled up with a book haha!

But I'm pretty well prepared now, I think. After the initial shock of going from +15 to -20 in a matter of days, I think I've gotten the hang of the weather and what to wear. But..there is always a will warm up again by a more seasonal -1.... yup single lets dig my wardrobe for what to not wear..

The weather has gone all batty over here. Last year we were all balmy here and Ontario was freezing and now its the opposite. Darn now I got to keep all that artic stuff....but I'd bet $5 bucks by Jan we'll get a couple of chinooks and all will be warm again.. any takers?

So tonight, braving the wind, flying snow, its been so damned cold the snow has basically turned to powder...great for skiing, not so good when the damned things gets in your eyes, its like sand getting in....

So tonight, again, I caught the movie The Devil Wears Prada, thank god for neighbourhood cinemas, cheap and good. It was a really good movie and stylish and made me wonder why my old friend who used to work for Armani didnt dress like that.... still a feel good movie and rocking soundtrack.... nice.

Saturday, November 25, 2006


This is a little too bit early....
-23 today....
It takes me half and hour to dress up cos of the layers...
More like going for an artic expedition than going to work
I got snow shoes on and my dress shoes in the pack
and just for a 6 block walk to work.....

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Cold Air!

"The nice and sunny weather we have been having will soon change
starting tonight, a ridge of artic air will be moving down from the north
bringing with it freezing rain and maybe some flurries
you can expect the temperature to drop below minus 10 and
reach -25 this weekend"

That was the weather forecast for the rest of the week
Hmmmmmmmm now some serious re-thoughts about growing roots here....
its been blowing like crazy tonight, the wind is nuts...
right now at 11pm its light snow and at -9 with the windchill its like -19...
tomorrow morning will be.....interesting.....damn now I wished I got that artic furlined parka i was eyeing the other day....

Monday, November 20, 2006

Its Monday

So recently went on a sabbatical from this place. mainly to see if I can live life without a blog. I guess I could, but then life would be far less interesting. There were times when I was itching to say something but I said no... see if I can tahan.. I guess not... :P

Gawd...the tension, the arrrgghhhh can't say anything feeling
The itch to blog blab is too strong
Our basic instinct is to blab probably, thats why us humans are social animals

But like all things, once a certain time has passed, you don't feel the same primordial urges anymore. Like a mouse, we learn to find other avenues (well mostly).

Like now, I don't crave for Sing/Msian foods like I used to. Probably living in the city now, I can get asian foods a lot more easily. HK, Indian, Indonesian, Thai and I discovered ONE Malaysian restaurant (yippee and sigh) It has Chilli Crab! Chai Tow Kuay! Curry Laksa! No where near the original (I think I can cook better) but at my present place, cooking has limited opportunities, fighting for the kitchen use with the landlord and another roommate. (now you know why I dont blab about my culinary exploits anymore, maybe when I find a rommier place, need a roommate though, to help pay the rent!) and I suppose you can't be choosy over here

So now I have this sudden great big pressing urge to find and grow my roots here. OK, maybe not so sudden but its been brewing for a while. My problem is that I've always had the wanderlust. No wonder I liked travelling so much, to the point of ending up here. I've never been afraid of getting lost, quite the opposite. My favourite pastime is to try and get "lost". Go places I've never been to before and see which part of the woods (used to be jungle)I come out from. No surprise one of my fav tv shows is the Amazing Race, I'm so jealous of the racers.

So another one of our primitive urges, as nicely and graphically described in Mazlow's Hierachy of Needs is strong here (can never forget that danged triangle). The need for shelter does come first and takes precendence over other things. So the crunch really is.... time to find a real apartment.

Friday, November 17, 2006

He's Back........finally......

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Just look at the poster.
Part Saville Row
Part Miami Vice
Part Esquire model
Part Hit Man
The Swagger
This is a new Bond.

One for the new millenium. Its been a long wait! The cheesy (ray gun????) effects are gone (but keep the car, keep the car!). When I first saw Daniel Craig I was wondering who's this guy? Never heard of him. There were plenty of detractors (with egg on their faces now) when he was announced . Probably because he wasn't very well known then. Then I saw Layer Cake and I flipped. The film reviewers have been going gaga over this new chap. Calling him the best since Connery...

Finally got me my tickets to the movie, since I've had the opportunity to actually read Ian Fleming's book Casino Royale (I have the whole collection actually) and this is the closest deal you're ever going to get.

He's back......

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And the ever lasting DB5. Obligatory picture...

There was one thing I didn't like though, the title song was just awful.....

This movie has been touted as going back to the beginning. How he got his roots, became the person he was.

For some strange reason, I decided to re-browse my earlier entries. It suddenly struck me how my blog had changed. Just like the earlier Bond films had gone for bigger better more spectacular, so had I.

I'm going back to this blog's origins. A fresh start. Besides, this new Bond is rather invigorating.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A Worthy Finale

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The Event

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The Contenders

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The Finalists

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*contented sigh*
weeks of anxiety, tension, throbbing shoulders, shifting hips, tappity toes, I can sleep happy now..

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The Winners

Sunday, November 05, 2006


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An incredible image of the Sun and a Solar Flare.
Taken from Skylab many decades ago.
Some of you might actually remember Skylab.
This image really reflects me now.
Glowing red hot,
Flares a desire to break out.

I'm increasingly at a lost to blog these days.
Not really sure what to write or show about.
So rather than crack my noggin' any longer.
I'm going on a sabbatical for a while.
Doing a walkabout.
Not sure when I'll be back.
So y'all hang in thar and be good.

Till then Au Revoir.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Winter's too early

Its been freezing here.
Had an artic cold front come through here for the last 5 days.
Last saturday it was a nice +14
Sunday it dropped to -10
And then it snowed!
At least a foot of snow over 2 days.
And the snow turned to ice!
Cars were sliding off the roads left right and centre.
I was sliding all over the iced over pavement.
Its been below -10 for the last couple of days.
Its finally warming up.
But everything is turning to slush.
But a chinook is coming yayyyyy

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

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Its funny how things pop into your mind sometimes.


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