Monday, October 31, 2005


so so as i was recently reminded, hows my new place and new job?

gosh now looking back, thats 2 big changes in the same space of time!then it was move and shift and move and shift and never really noticed the coincidence of the

the new place is really nice and spacious except for a less than realistic roommate... now i know how to choose a better room mate, but now no choice...yet

the new job is rather interesting... for now... i get to learn some new stuff the co workers are really nice and my boss is really patient and good at teaching. but....only time will tell if i'm in it for the long run..

damn problem is that this place is almost in the middle of nowhere, being 2 hrs away from the nearest major town, there are 2 small towns nearer but somehow there is less to there than in we shall see..

but for now, I've committed to being a year here, so I figure I will be pretty tied up here for now....

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Immensity and Warming

The ground squirrel's view of one of the mmost impressive natural wonders on earth. This is the Athabasca Glacier, it actually feeds off one of the biggest glacial domes on this planet, the Columbia Icefield. Been told Singapore might just just about fit into it..... only way to see the dome is by air so that'll have to wait for the next summer when its not so cold and safer to fly over it..cant wait! if u squint your eyes (and maybe use a big magnifier) might be able to make out the bus sized snow coaches on the glacier..... it's mite sized from here.

<Image hosted by

.... Global warming is melting things waaaayyyy too fast

This marks where the glacier used to extend to in 1982, from here its about 300m to the toe of the glacier

Image hosted by

The glacier in the 1890's used to reach the top of that brown ridge in the foreground in thickness, its lost quite of a bit of thickness since..... btw thats Mt Athabasca in the background...

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Friday, October 14, 2005

My Neighbour

These are my friendly local neighbours...

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

weather weather

The weather here up in the mountains are very finicky.
One moment its nice and sunny, next storm clouds are gathering....hmmm
Image hosted by

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Friday, October 07, 2005

New Home

Just spent the last week or so moving to a new place.
Now i got a new living room and finally i can cook!!!!!!!!!! yippeeeeee
albeit am sharing the aparment but sure beats staying in a dorm.
Also changing jobs too next week, going back to an old old job I used to do -
Been slow uploading pics cos I on a darn dial up, no broad band where i am ...dang
more to come later

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