Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Eye exam?

Today I finally got some appointments!

Surprises of surprises, even though they all came from friends or ppl I knew, still I'll take it anytime. At least it'll be practice for me, who knows what might turn up?

So the moral of this story here is..DON'T STAY AT HOME!! go and mingle and make friends, never know what might turn up. Hmmm...upon reflection..I've been too much of a hermit....ok as they saying goes, if you want to eat lobsters and not hotdogs, you gotta do what you dont like to do.....

Now, tomorrow will be an interesting day for me cos I'll be going for an eye exam to see if I'm suitable to go and do the lasik laser thingy to undo the 4 eyes phenomenon. This is going to be interesting..... lets see how this turns out... as it is, eye ball surgery aint high on my list of doable surgery, personally I think a triple heart bypass is safer than this (possibly) cos you can always (yeah rite) gt a replacement heart! or at least someone will invent an artificial one for you to live long enough to see off your creditors.... as far as I know, artificial eyes aint on the horizon, its not even near the moon.....

We'll see.. stayed tuned for this adventure...

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Bored...during christmas?

Amazing, its the christmas weekend and I'm bored.

Sure I went completely unprepared to a nice christmas eve dinner, everyone was giving out presents except me! and to rub salt into the wound i got a pressie too! :(

Yesterday during christmas, i spent most of my time watching tv, golfing at the range and attended a wedding summons! Yes on christmas day, I went to a wedding dinner....cant remember if ever i went to one on this day. Interesting experience.

Today, plans seem to be pretty much low key, i am thinking of going to catch a movie, that stephen chow thingy kung fu hustle(d?), lets see if i can get tiks. Then dinner, all by my lonesome cos everyone seems tied up, maybe, need to dig the add book out...

So this is how I'd spend christmas this year.
Hmmmm....... :-

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Finally Its Over

What a day!

Never have I been so stressed this year. it was THE event for the company. THE annual chrismasy/year end get together and I had the honour (or luck?) to organise it.

It was to be a BBQ and not having organised one for a loonnngggg time, stress man.

It all started weeks before when the arrow came flying in my direction, somewhat reluctantly I caught the arrow, reluctant becos i knew how much work it could be...still i caught it.....:)

Anyways, yesterday, spent most of the evening shopping for the food and stuff, I worried throughout that I may not have bot enuf food (alas, i got more than enough, thanks to some last min kiasuism), I worried that my seasoning of the chicken wings and lamb might not be good enough....

WELL its OVER!!!

I got good reviews on my seasoning of the food!!
I didnt get any caustic comments!!
Generally everyone seemed happy enough!!


enuff said, I'm stoned from all the tequila, going to zzz

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Had a non-run of the mill day yesterday. Firstly my pc decided to die on me the night before so i ended watching the telly on a night i wasnt up to watching the telly.
Yesterday, i waited for my boss to show up for a after lunch meet, whom naturally didnt show up, so i grabbed the chance to head down to sim lim to get the pc fixed and at the same time upgrade my office notebook's ram a bit.
Me being me, naturally ended up spending more than i should have on my pc!
All it was, was that the motherboard had decided to retire and all i needed to change was that and i was like "since i got it apart" changed my cd writer(being a bit finicky), floppy (also finicky, sometimes it works, sometimes it dont!), changed the casing! (current one is almost 5 years old!) and finally ended up with almost a brand new pc!!
AND to cap things off, upon the reinstallation i got a nasty message from my antivirus that i got a virus in my memory!!!
Aiyoh, lucky thing sim lim so low, maybe might have thrown the pc off the building, but cannot. got too much stuff in there....So I spent most of the late night (like after midnight, since i had a dinner to go to first) yesterday, cleaning that out. This morning, cleaned out all the grime on the table from where the pc was since it was out of the way now (yippee), reconfigured the system again since i changed the board, rearranged all the cables (new pc casings should make a built in cabinet for the wires!!!) and now i got a spiffy looking new pc! hehe.....it also means i have to postpone my digi cam purchase! sigh.... now i wanna new vid card! my current one has only 32MB of ram...these days u need at least 64 for games.... started saving..
on the girl watching front, since i joined this new company, there's this colleague who is quite sexy, cept she is married with a 2 yr old kid....sigh....can see cannot touch....growl.......next!....
going golf range later.........maybe........later

Thursday, December 16, 2004

interesting and disappointing day

i finally had a chance to choose the markets I want to be in and i blew it...again...
i wasnt vocal enough and let a market area slip thru my fingers or did i?
god am i rusty with this corporate thingy, after over a year of carefree un-corporateness, its still a bit of a shock to get back into this system...
but wat is done is done and lets see if i can blow the others away with what i have on hand
its gonna be tough, its gonna be hard but I'll do it just as i had before
if u havent a clue what i'm talking abt, stayed tuned, mebbe u might catch on someday...

Monday, December 13, 2004

This is both curious, weird and tingly

Having totally resisted the ideas of blogs for a while, mainly possibly due to a misplaced sense of privacy, i now find myself here!

I guess having being a vocal proponent of letting steam off with whomever who might listen, i have finally relented to the hypocritic within who had been nagging on why not here??? and have decided to add my two cents worth with however might be interested to hear my rants and ravings, actually more like my inner thoughts....

finally a place to transmit my ESP thoughts...haha....ok dont tip my toe into the water, dive straight in!!

Do note the properly spelled english, although i suspect this will change over time to the shorthanded sms versions....

hmmmm more later......

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