Monday, July 31, 2006

Bicycles and Sore Asses

I finally made up my mind and got me a bike!

Nothing fancy, in fact darned cheap, sorta. Very basic, no quick release wheels or seat posts. It does have 21 speeds and a front suspension fork. All made in china components which I have to admit works pretty well. Better than the last bike I had with shimano derailleurs. BUT The seat sucks big time and I will be changing that! or maybe I'll get one of the cushion covers LOL.

After riding around a bit, my ass was pretty sore, ouch, haven't done this for a while. Partly cos I still haven't gotten the seat height perfect yet, I think need to add another half inch or so. Need to get the wrenches out.

This is the bike I got.
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Whilst browsing the store's website I came across this bike. Oh do I want to sing Memories, like the colours of my my mind...that Barbara Streisand song.

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I used to have one of these. The Raleigh Chopper. I can't believe they still make them. There are some obvious changes, the seat is now a 2 piece. The centre frame gear change lever is gone. But its still the same old frame. I spent countless hours, cleaning, polishing, riding that bike. I went just about everwhere with it. About as far as I could go before sunset came.

Now I need to get me a better seat.......but then waddaya expect for $99 bucks?

The weather was kinda weird today. It was another blistering day until about 4pm when a cold front came sweeping through. Literally, it was gusting up to 80km and it pushed a huge dust cloud infront of it. In 5 mins it dropped over 10 degrees, from hot to cold..brrrr

Saturday, July 29, 2006


I've been a busy boy today. After getting up at an ungodly hour to watch the Qualifying session for the German Formula One Grand Prix, I headed to Chinatown to grab me some breakfast. Oooooohhh Siew Arp and Siew Yoke mein....yummy.
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After gorging myself and walking back to my car, I spotted this. Promising! I should join and get to meet other fellow Singaporeans and Malaysians.
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Being rather full *burp*, I decided to tour the city a bit and came across this museum. Wahhh my favourite subject airplanes!!! One day for sure I will be flying one. I've already checked, can get a Recreational Licence for a measly $5K. Cheaper than learning how to drive in Singapore.
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This is a North American F-86 Sabre
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After filling my eyes, I got me a haircut, about time, so damned hot here. Especially in the afternoons. Cold in the morning, blistering in the afternoon, damn. After the cut, I went back to the golf range to try and perfect my non slice swing. It's getting better.

Went home, washed up, cat napped and headed to the neighbourhood cinema, which shows not so recent movies and for the princely sum of $4.50 I got to watch this. Damn funny! Much better than the first one. The 2 possums were just hilarious. That squirrel was so funny! That opening scene featuring him was priceless...
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After the movie, it was still quite bright, about 9 pm-ish. So I decided to cruise sunset boulevard or more accurately 17th Avenue SW. It's the night-clubbling and restaurant street of Calgary. Something like Singapore's Mohammed Sultan Road. Kinda early so not much action yet. It gets alive like any clubbing place prob from 11pm onwards.
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Then I found a place to take a pic of downtown. In the middle thats Calgary Tower. These are ALL the highrise you gonna see. The rest of the city is pretty flat.
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Tomorrow I think I'm just gonna chill out at Second Cup....better than Starbucks...after getting up at an even more devilish hour for the German Grand Prix rac itself, sigh, the things I'd do for sports... I'm still debating with myself about getting a bicycle, typical Libran.

Thursday, July 27, 2006


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It has been a relatively satisfying week. There has been a couple of trying times, doubly tough when you are a rookie at work and the Boss of my Boss being there when it happened and there wasn't much you could about it.

But you take it all in your stride and move on. Water off a duck’s back..

Although officially still under training, albeit on the job, I’ve already met my weekly sales quota. Looking forward to making more sales, still eyeing that Dodge Charger I wanna get, heehee.

My playtime for today was this movie.

It was made way back in 1964, before I was born. A comedy / drama / thriller if it was possible to even lump all three words together. But it is all that.

Starring Peter Sellers, George C Scott and James Earl Jones (Darth Vader’s voice) it really is a classic. I’ve heard about this movie but never got to watch it untill I discovered it at my local movie rental place. Yayyy.

Brings you back to the good old days when everyone worried about atomic bomb wars instead of today’s worries about global warming and oil prices.

Compared to the Cold War's threat of nuclear war, it ain’t so bad now isn’t it?

Body Image Tip of the Day:

Is it possible to weight MORE and lose body fat??
Yes it is.
When you exercise you gain muscle. In turn, the extra muscle helps you to burn off more fats.
The result is that although your weight may not change or even INCREASE.
You actually can get slimmer!
Fats weigh less than muscle, but has more size. So gram for gram, when you burn more fats you loose more size. But the exercise has you gaining muscle which has less size so your weight may remain the same, but your overall size dips.
Which is more important?
Looking smaller or weighing less?

And of course musn't forget the smart diet also.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Golf and Healthy Living

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ITS BEEN DAMN HOT HERE AND WE HAVE NO AIRCONDITIONING! Lots of heaters though...wakkaaakaa

Yay!!! got me a new pair of shoes. Golf shoes that is. My last pair, disintergrated....
Immediately after, I headed to range to whack a couple of boys balls.
Sigh....landed back on earth with a thud.
My slice......if I could only patent it and sell it to the army. Will make loads of money, can shoot at people around corners....


I got my Tempomaster!
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This thing is damn funny, its got an extremely flexible shaft. So flexible, that in full swing, at the end of the swing it looks like its gonna wrap itself around your neck but it will not.

But dang, it will get you really up to speed on club head speed and train you on your tempo.

Practice, more practice....

Body image tip of the day:
If you want that body, more importantly, you want that healthy look, you gotta work for it and there are prices to pay.

Don't need to starve yourself. But gotta eat intelligently.

Breakfast is a must. Its also your biggest meal of the day.
The smallest meal of the day is dinner.

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This goes against all we've been taught as kids and as family "culture".
But what price obesity?

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Work And Play Again

Still loads of stuff to learn at work. After getting home and the gym, what better way to crash than by watching a DVD? I'm a DC comics fan btw...

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This is my workplace surroundings. No tall multistoried shopping places. Here its mostly all shops like these but covering a BIG area. I think half of Toa Payoh can fit into this one shopping area, well at least half of Orchard Road. Lots of land here and the best part parking is free!

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Chapters - a book store, 3 times the size of Borders in Orchard. The green zebra building is a cinema.
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Body Image tip for the day:
Most people confuse body image and fitness.
Can you be fit and fat??? Yes you can be!
Can you be skinny and unfit??? Yes too!

If you wanna loose fats, first comes the Diet....

Just watch bodybuilders eat before a contest. Aiyoh, super-strict. They start at least 3 months before the contest date and can lose up to 25kg in the process. Going from 15-20% bodyfat to 3% bodyfat levels for the contest. Before that, they are plain bulky.

Something to past the time

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I've gone back to my roots for training. Looooooonnnnggg time ago, the very first gym I joined was in a community centre. Now, I've done the same thing and joined another Community one.

It's a no frills one, has most of the the basic stuff I need. If I need more specialised equipment, I'll just drop into one of the YMCAs or a bigger gym nearby. Besides doing it this way, saves me a bunch of money.

Costs me only $80 a year for the CC pass and $9 for a per visit drop in at the YMCA, which includes a pool. Back to basics.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

This Week...

Ahhh the end of a week, I wonder what's in store tomorrow? But first a quick recap of this week.

I've been totally laid back this week. After work that is.

As I've discovered. I've got a really steep learning curve in front of me.

I've got to learn all the retail banking stuff, compliance requirements, banking act requirements, internal company requirements, all the different kind of products... etc

And it doesn't help that I haven't a clue about the Canadian banking system, other than having opened an account once. Last week was stay home cramming. This week was in the stores partly on job training, more online training and tests...stress... Whew.

After work its been, Gym, Simcity, TV, Sleep. In that order.... I gotta admit I've completely slacked, I took a loooonnng break from my workouts. Well, sorta, its the cardio bits that went on holiday. I've been sticking to the weights quite a bit. So ever since I got here, which was like 3 weeks ago, the last 2 weeks I've been seriously working out, cardio and all. As a result, I've shaved an inch off my waist. More to loose :P

Yesterday, I went back to Lake Louise. Left my golf clubs there in storage so went to pick them up plus some other stuff like my roller blades. Still a newbie at that. Came back to Calgary today and just for kicks, before a huge thunderstorm chased me away, I managed to go whack a few balls at the range. There's like 5 golf courses all within 15mins of my place here. I like! Another reason why I chose this place.

This is Mackenzie Meadows Golf Club....lifted this from the web. It was too dark from the thunderclouds for a nice pic.
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Another thing I did over the week was visit the Museum of the Regiments. It's a museum dedicated to Canadian army units from Alberta and to my surprise and glee, a Sherman Tank!!!!

Waahhhhh....damn, its bigger than I thought.

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Friday, July 21, 2006

Work and Games...

Hah back to work this week!Getting more and more interesting, work that is.

More importantly, got me a game, been immersed in this....don't mind if I disappear for a while,
while I tackle this..... :P

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and hopefully, I get to go Golfing this weekend. :D

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Fun Time!

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So the work over, it was time to have some fun!

Once a year, The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth come to Calgary. Its really a western rodeo with a funfair thrown in for measure. But I skipped the rodeo bit and went straight to the fun! Chair lifts, Slinghsots woo hoo...

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As this is officially a Rodeo, cowdude hats are de rigeur, except for moi who's too cheapskate to ante up for one and relied on his tried and true ball cap.

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There are lots of stall to play games usually with stuff toys for prizes and this is one lucky devil.

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There are all sorts of street performances including an Illusion show but I was too busy laughing and enjoying to snap a pic of that.
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On to the fun! this one serious ride, it starts out like the Viking rolling side to side before going all the way around, go thing I didn't take lunch. Not called the Fire Ball for nuthin'.
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This is the only roller coaster, Crazy Mouse it looks deceptively simple, but it ain't! Not when you sit four abreast and over the side of the rails... lots of side G-forces.
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And this was the most interesting ride for me. The Starship. It spins like a top. Inside you hug the sides of a slanting wall. As it goes faster and faster I think it build up to about 1.5 or 2 G......oohhhh more G-forces. Your head weights a ton, my neck ached, the arms could barely lift up and I'm pretty strong. You slide up the wall and stay there. Scientifically for me geek man, it was fun!
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It was a damn hot day. I got sunburned. After all the rides, we quequed again...
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To get doused and cool off!
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Finally musn't forget this, instead of Western Bar Rooms we get this... :P

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Great weekend in all!!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

At last its over!

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I made it!!!

For the last 6 days or so, I've been locked up in my little dungeon, day and night, pouring over manuals, cd-roms, blogging (hic)...

Today its over! I cleared my papers and will start my on-job training on monday.

Now I get to have a life and start going out, exploring the city, GO GOLFING, go to the beach, hang up my hammock, meet people etc etc etc

Still more to come, but the toughest part is over.


Thursday, July 13, 2006

Study Break and Cars....sorta

This is the Honda Fit I had a look at it today after I had to go to the store to do some HR admin. Its nice! The finish on the inside and out was first class, didn't feel like a small car at all. Very spacious. Didn't have time for a test drive but I hear its quite peppy. Will try it next week.

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This is what I really want for Christmas. The Dodge Charger SRT. Look at those eyes. Damn need to work harder!

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See that stance.
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Look at that engine, this is the 6.1 litre (yes, 6,100 cc) performance engine.
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And this is BB, had blogged about him before. Encore appearance.
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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Study Stress

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Been rather stressed the last couple of days. As part of my training, been studying at home 8-9 hours a day, since monday and all I can say is whew! Everyday the trainer calls for an hour and you have to answer a whole bunch of questions and you're scored on them. Then on friday is a final test. Sweating.

Meanwhile to keep sane, nearby is Fish Creek Park, this is Bankside. Those houses overlooking the park is mucho premium.
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Lots of picnic places (not now, too many mozzies!) and biking trails (still eyeballing my bike, getting it after the training is over).
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And this is what NASCAR is all about :P, ok ok it was the opening scene in the movie that is closest to that kind of motor racing.
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Monday, July 10, 2006

Oooooooh sexy

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Ooohhh another chick pic spread. Sexy, good looking and gorgeous. Yummy.

She's Danica Patrick.

She’s also one of the world’s fastest race car drivers. Indy Racing League Rookie of the year 2005 and at one point she led the Indianapolis 500. My kinda gal :P

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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Ole 007 again

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Of all the Bond movies, I gotta admit there is one movie I've not watched yet.

Blame it on all the negative publicity, but somehow I never got around to it, until today when I rented it. And I must say, its one of the best bond movies I've ever watched and not a single gadget too.

And yes, there is an Aston Martin DB8 in a none shooting/exploding role but in an awesome introductory scene, just listen to that engine growl, ahhhhhh heaven!

And then there was Diana Rigg, another Bond girl to drool over. She manages to look innocent,defiant, smart, sassy all at once. This one kicked some ass too. No surprise she made a name for herself as Emma Peel in The Avengers (remember that one?)

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But coming back to the controversy, George Lazenby. Maybe it was his Aussie accent. Maybe it was his model looks. Maybe it was the too tight shirts. But honestly I can't quite figure out what went wrong. Proabably just being in the right place at the wrong time. He's pretty good, probably better than Timolty Dalton in some ways and not as campy as Roger Moore and heckuva lot closer to the book Bond. Yes, I've read all the books, in fact I have the whole collection.

This is also the only chapter in the series where Bond gets married. Watch it to find out more. I'd give this movie the big thumbs up.

PS: Ka..t I'm still working on your meme, never thought it'd would be that hard!!!

PPS: DYK that Joanna Lumley was a Bond Girl in this movie and that she went on to be Emma Peel also later in the series?

Friday, July 07, 2006

Work - Day 1

Went back to work yesterday. Had the first of my conference calls today. Another one later on too.

Sigh.....should have scheduled a longer break, from the madness of moving to the madness of starting work again all within a week. Thats me, when I get moving, I really hustle. But I suppose there's plenty of time to check the place out. Now I need to find some activity buddies.

Yesterday was my first day at work and I brought home a Ton of homework. I get to spend the next 7 days doing homestudy, together with calls from my trainer and lots of tests apparently. I thought can chiak jua, but too much work to cover, damn!

But then again it's a good prep, since I'm planning on doing some pro courses, get me back into the right frame of mind. Hehe... I'm still undecided on the bicycle I wanna get, but that will have to wait till payday.....sigh again...

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Around here, there are still loads of ground squirrels and now seagulls!!!
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