Monday, March 31, 2008

Rat's Nest

Soooo Saturday was interesting.
Firstly the sky decided to dump on us. Ohhh winter's last revenge! Snow! Snow! and more Snow!
The drive up to Canmore was umm interesting. Even the snow plows were having a hard time clearing the roads and it was like summer last week! Crap.
But it didn't matter where I was going snow couldn't get in (but first I had to get there!)
I was going Caving!
But the snow made the hike up to the cave entrance rather treacherous.
Incident #1 - slid off on a snow cover piece of ice and busted my thumb owwwww
Coming back down -
slide #2 with a half twist and landed on the left hip.. double oowwwww
slide #3 with a quarter turn and landed on my right elbow.... how to say ow? blur already
slide #4 with a deadman's double leg kick and landed flat on my back... hope i didn't break amy of helmets in my knapsack...
all in all a spectacular display of my flying prowess (but not my landing prowess unfortunately)

oh yeah about the cave

Running around like headless chickens hey where is my climbing harness?

The Cave! The Cave!

Ok lets take look here, you mean I have to squeeze through that hole? I knew I shouldn't have eaten that mcburger....

Good thing I'm not wearing a skirt.. doing dancing under a horizontal pole imitation

Weeee we get to rappel down this dark dark hole.. ehh... where are going again?

I managed to bounce off one of the walls shimmying down a rope on my right hip so I managed to get both hips in a day. yay!

Ahhhh now I hurt all over... from my falls...

Monday, March 24, 2008

Catching Up

It's been a month since I last posted... hmm... Alzheimers is setting in... maybe..

Anyways, woke up to white fluffy stuff this morning, snowed about 1cm, as usual made things all slushy, mushy and crazy on the roads. Why do people suddenly forget how to drive once it snows? Grrrrr....

Got me a new toy over the weekend. :o)
Olympus 1030W
Its the new Olympus 1030W. Waterproof, Shockproof, Coldproof, Sandproof, Idiot proof....
Got the black one (speaking of which I forgot to pick up the spare battery! better go later)
Yeah yeah I know pics pics but I've been having problems with my pc (it says hardware failed to initialise, go figure, I'm too lazy to trouble shoot). So I need to grab stuff off the web. Uploading other pics might take I'm meanwhile using, ahem, "another" pc which does not allow me to connect the USB card reader (policies policies policies...)

But what is really bugging (ok, killing ....) me is that motorcycling season is here and I don't have my bike.... argggghhhhhhhhh...grumpy... (and I got the Cam for the bike!) I still have to wait at least another month (if I'm lucky) before I get to even see it... sigh.... meantime I can only watch the bikes go by....bummer... I might get fed up cancel that order and go buy something else... but somehow having a BMW is rather alluring....

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