Sunday, October 21, 2007

Another week bites the dust

Yet another week blows by.

I had fun.

I had sleep.

I had to work (grrrrr)

I went back to sleep (yummmm)

What else am I missing I wonder?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


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It all started a few months ago when I received an innocent looking email. Hmmm, what the heck, why not? Besides it was just the right timing, let's give myself a present :)

So tonight, finally, I got to go watch the concert.

An Olivia Newton John concert.

It was like a dream come through. She looks every bit as pretty as when she was in Grease. Many years ago, she was one of the loveliest singers ever to grace the scene. She's still is.

Her voice has mellowed a wee bit but she sounds even more fantastic now. Watching her perform live was simply magical. I used to say Karen Carpenter was the best female singer around, I was wrong. Memories came flowing back with all the songs. Her rendition of an acoustic version of Physical was oh so sultry and tantalising, even more now than the original version.

I was so privileged to get to watch her sing.

I was so enraptured I forgot it was my own birthday treat LOL. I get to be 42 this sunday.

Happy sigh....*bliss*

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


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Well, the weekend was sorta ... interesting.

Was gonna go backpackin' and campin' in the first place, but I felt I wasn't really up to it, but then it ain't pretty to cancel when you're supposed to lead the group in *rolling eyes*


As we drove out to the mountains, woooohhoooooo snow caps on the tops. Reached Barrier Lake Visitor Centre and the place was under 3 inches of snow. Hmmmm.....
Reached the car park and trail head and brrrrrrrr, damn! it was chilly. It was cold, it had snowed the last few days and to top it off a brisk wind was blowing. Couldn't wait to get the pack on and move out, at least hiking in will warm up. With the weather conditions, the hike in was slow, lots of stopping to catch our breaths. Why does it seem harder to hike in cold weather than warm weather?

We crossed a few creeks and bridges. Picturesque would be the word. Reaching the camp ground, it looked like a winter wonderland. Probably about 5 inches of snow covered the place. Nice campground, next to a creek, food lockers, picnic tables. Probably one of the prettiest camp grounds I've seen so far. All of us were shagged from the hike in, so we hung around played frisbee. Starting the campfire was a bitch as all the wood was damp. Couldn't get a big enough fire going, chose the wrong (smaller) pit! grrrrrrr.

Since it was Thanksgiving weekend, all of us brought in Turkey meat in one form or another. I had turkey sausages yummy.

Day 2 had the guys hiking up to 3 Isle Lake. I stayed behind to look after the camp (but really I just wanted to chill out hah). Thought I'd have a nice quiet afternoon, but ended up chatting with all sorts of people who drifted in and out of the site. The second day was a lot warmer as a chinook ran through. Later, it started to rain in the middle of the night. But I was nice and toasty in my sleeping bag and tent.

I'm all sore now. Need to back off my activities for a bit I think..

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Thanksgiving weekend

I watched the new movie The Kingdom tonight. I thought it was typical of Hollywood to stereotype the middle east again. If the setting was in Iraq/Kuwait instead of Saudi, it would have been perfect...

Going backpacking and camping again this weekend, just love campin' out here in the woods. Gonna be a little chilly though, at night it will be about -5 and there might be snow in them there hills. As usual I've overloaded my pack and I think I've brought everything...including the kitchen sink. I toyed with the idea of bringing a durian but I think my campmates would ban me from going anywhere near them. Not a good idea when I'm the organizer!

Oh well, so much for a relaxing weekend.... yet...

Monday, October 01, 2007

Is that the Sun?

Hmmmm haven't seen daylight here for awhile .... :P

I just love sunrises here, the low angle of the sun produces some stunning mornings.
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Went on hikes, having lunch on meadows like this, my backpack trip to Tombstone Lakes
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And getting a view at lunch like this, hiking the Burstall Pass
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Some places I've been to have these 1000 year old Pictographs at Grotton Canyon
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Even lousy weather still can't stop me from looking at stuff like this at Grassi Lakes
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I got to learn how to Hang Glide
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Got to go watch an international fireworks competition too
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I've been busy in a cave organising group hikes for a local club
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In the evenings its just sheer pleasure taking a stroll along Glenmore Reservoir
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Ahhhhh........ the life........

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