Friday, February 15, 2008

Eh? where did the time go?

Alamak, so fast the time flies. Almost time to go back liao, flying monday. but still waiting for seefei, leonard and company to see if can catch up or not. kayell gang solly maybe next time I back, I get to up when I can actually get tickets to go up....

meanwhile the escapades of one escaped semi-canadian continues..

the biggest thing that hit after coming back was Culture Shock!!

Alamak how come so many people wan, why people dun keep doors open for people wan, how come people like to jump queque wan, how did I ever manage to drive here? lessee if I can remember how to cross the road, how come the mrt here got more people taking it on a weekend than peak hours in calgary.

I just came back from Pattaya Thailand (how come there are TONS of Russians tourist everywhere), where I shop and shop and eat and eat (good thing I brought elasticated waisted pants!) Had a manicure and pedicure (I wonder why I never went before, it's sooooo good), thai oil massage was just the thing after walking around all day. I also went did some scuba diving, so much fun, saw a blue spotted ray, a very shy puffer fish, a lagi shy bamboo shark. lots of not so shy small and medium fish. now I just have to go and finish the rest of the open water divers course back home, when you're short on time, you're short on time.

so tomorrow is chingay, I'm deliberating whether to go see see, the crowds should be massive. maybe the F1 car might make it all worthwhile. but anyways got some last minute shopping still to do. mainly all the makan stuff but funny leh, I not so craving like last time... yikes I've been assimilated by the calgarians... noooooo.... (yessssss)

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Ahhhhh Home Again


Back on familiar terra firma. After 2 years since my last trip home, so fast the time flies. So fast was the flight back, I went through something like 6 movies.

NOT SO FAST was my luggage coming home with me.

Singapore Airlines LOST MY LUGGAGE!!!!! Grrrrrr.....

It got left behind in Vancouver missing the connection. What was worse was that they promised that it will be arriving the next day and IT DIDN'T!!! now I really GRRRRRRR

It finally arrived at midnight 2 days later!!!! more *&^$#$%^$#@@

But the worse was yet to come. I had packed some frozen nice juicy super duper LARGE abalones (the size of your hand) and scallops back for the Chinese New Year Feast so you can imagine the result by then, big time ^%#&*&*&(&*^%$$%$

I guess after this trip I won't be flying that airline much any more.... I'm really pissed that it took they them that long to deliver my bags. Good thing I wasn't booked to go anywhere else.... I just had that niggling feeling. Back to Japan Airlines for me next time...

For sure SIA will get a nice big juicy damage claim from me.

Anyways moving on..

Hmmmmmm .... where did that great big monstrosity of a Ferris Wheel come from? That big round thing sitting at Marina Bay. How come now there is a tunnel at Penang Road. What and where is Vivo City? Geez.... all this in just 2 years.

More surprising was that I wasn't straining at the leash to go hamtam all the local foods. Evolution perhaps? Or did I get assimilated by the Canadians into one of them already? Egads!

I've forgotten what +30 feels like. Although I've been lucky, the first 2 days back the temparature has been a chilly (according to my folks here) +25C. Lots of rain too. Had trouble trying to remember how to use an umbrella.

I've forgotten that most places around here are closed for the CNY. Dang! I just went through that hell for Christmas in Calgary!

Now I'm sitting at the computer fiendishly trying to book Flights and Hotels to just about everywhere withing spitting distance of SG with a beach and the sun but no luck. Got flight but no rooms. Got rooms but no flights.... sigh.... can't even rent a car to drive to Malaysia so that's out....

Maybe I should just rent a Kayak and paddle to Batam....

Any free offers of lodging anywhere? (and a car if it's in west malaysia)

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