Sunday, November 27, 2005

Looking for Enlightenment

I've been here for what, some 5 months now.
and I am now really wondering what am I doing here
Sitting back in Sg, you are so sequested and innercentric by what is around you
you never really appreciate what you had then but that is life isnt it? the grass is always greener on the other side
now thanks to being away, having the sun come up at 8am and set by 5pm aka winter blues, surrounded by places you once wanted to go to for solitude of mountains, but now that its here within arm's reach, its rarity is no longer an attraction
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now i keep seeing crossings, i know there are many bridges that needs to be crossed but I have not idea where they lead to or why and that drives me crazy
I've never been one to go blindly, but maybe that could be a blessing, to go blindly
sometimes I wish I could do it all over again, aka life, but that probably wont change a thing

so the question remains unanswered where to go and why....

Monday, November 21, 2005

Keeping Up

Working in a place full of 20 somethings...
I fear falling into the trap of people whom I used to dislike for saying
been there done that
i was doing this when u were in diapers
i wonder if you still could do this 20 years from now
etc etc etc etc
now the spirit is so willing but the flesh cant keep up anymore
now i have to work twice as hard and three times as carefully just to keep up
so i dont end up skidding off the ice
used to be able to go on 3 hrs of sleep a day
now i take that long to get up
plus another 8 hours of sleep first
i used to be able to load up the plates on the bench press
now i have to go slow and steady else i will need shoulder replacement therapy
and time marches on....
but I think I've got a plan in there somehow....
after all experience should count for something right?

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Territorial Cravings

Much has been said about animals whom are very territorial and do not like new surroundings when they get moved. Especially pets…

Now I know exactly how these little guys feel when they get uprooted.

For some perhaps weird or perfectly natural reason, I have recently been craving to visit my old haunts in the various nooks and crannies of my previous home namely Singapore.

Various places like the little coffee shop in Changi Village, the flats around my old home in Serangoon, the more “Ulu” places like the fishing boat jetty at Lim Chu Kang, which is among the last remnants of kampong Singapore, the downtown area like Ah Boy’s bike accessory shop in Jln Besar. Even my last work place in Joo Chiat Road where you could sit at the next door coffee shop after work, have a beer and point out the various local attractions (aka chickens).

I’ve always had the wanderlust and at every opportune moment, go exploring every nook and cranny of the island I could find. The most fascinating thing for me was the squiggly line on the map that showed a road to somewhere or nowhere that I haven’t been to before. I guess this is the part of the wanderlust that brought me all the way over here.

My guess is that the urge also stems from the fact I’m now living in a rural area, in Calgary there are drug dealers or nut cases hanging around some street corners that makes wandering around less desirable and now that winter is here, outdoor activities have been severely curtailed. It such a hassle to have to dress up even to just go to the car or dump the trash.

It is so different in SG as the weather, hot as it may be, allows you to travel to just about anywhere except when it rains and then that’s only a temporary halt. SG also also allows you to travel anywhere anytime and not fear being mugged or shot at…quite different in here frontier town.

Its ironic when I was still gallivanting around SG, I’d be longing for more places I could visit, given the smallness of SG’s island. Now that I’m a vastly bigger area, I long for the familiar.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

little pleasures

reading a fellow blogger's post (u know who u are!)
made me hungry as hell for chicken rice...... (tummy rumbling)


I had a nice substitute today when I managed to prepare Bak Kut Teh...yummy...
still maybe this weekend can make chicken rice.....haha

the other little pleasure is that i get to watch my fav show..the amazing race
the new family dynamics are fun altho the level of difficulty of the roadblocks and detours has dropped back down to kindergarden level

last week the most "difficult" task was finding a red bean in a pile of yellow ones.... wah lau ..

however its still fun to watch :P

Monday, November 07, 2005

snow tires and slides

winter is more or less here at least at lake louise
so much for all season tires..probably useful for the city but sure as hell it aint here
had fun tho sliding around on them in the ice and snow
now i know why the nordic people are so good racers so many rally and formula champs damn the car control needed
but still
had to get snow tires
grip is better know
before i fitted them i once a laughable moment spinning my wheels and not moving, on my "old" tires haha
so now i got the snow tires lessee how they handle....
should be more fun once more snow hits....maybe

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