Monday, February 28, 2005


I started this blog with the absolute aim of anonymity.
With the aim of saying anything i wanted and not get into trouble for it,
Legally that is.... am still mindful that big brother may be watching..
But really a place to be able to express myself
Freely and without inhibition
Somehow I've drifted a bit off course
This new course I'm beginning to like
I guess I now realised that its extremely boring to be anonymous
So slowly I am adding bits and pieces of me
It's still a collection of my day to day ramblings
But a rather more forward looking way to ramble is the course I'm now on

Found this pic on the web
Is a great pic
I may be dark and grey
But the surrounding is full of light and life
And it shines upon me illuminating me in way I didn't think possible
Thats life
It illuminates everyone whether you are shiny or dark
The saying now goes
When the going gets tough, the tough can smile and get going :)

Sunday, February 27, 2005


Its 9 days since i got my remaining right eye LASEK'd, this eye had quite a different reaction from the first. The left one had minimal irritation, very little pain and the recovery was quite progressive.

The right eye stayed slightly sore for at least 4 days. An upcoming overseas trip had the bandage lens removed earlier than usual, which I tot was a good thing, cos the left eye was so irritated by the lens more than anything last time. BUT...this time the right eye remained very hazed over until at least thurs....then hallelujah..its clearing up! Tot that will neva happen...tonite is almost as clear as the left one now. Taking all that multivits aparrently helps.

Now its recovering even faster than the left....I think its about 90% there liao..

Speaking of hazy..

Had my first trip to Jakarta on tues, came back fri.

Extremely interesting.....
nothing much to look at or shop..but the environment is so vibrant...
but the traffic is hell.....
i really think sometimes is faster to walk...
I need to learn how to speak Indonesian...
cant wait to go back again :P

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Fast and zapped

Whew... went to KL on wed, went up in the morning and came bak at nite, what a rush, literally, left sg at abt 8+ reached pj abt 12+ slow and easy drive figuring uncle sam will be out to collect donations for their welfare funds.

Was a great drive on the way up, had spyro gyra and a bunch of other fusion jazz albums on the cd.....

To my surprise my meetings went well, with big possibilities, had a really nice dinner with a fren, then I had to get home..

The drive home was least to say errr interesting, i left damansara in kl close to 9pm stepped in my front door at 12.30am .....This is prob the last time I'm driving up to KL in this car cos I'm giving it up this photo memory..


Finally zapped my remaining eye, had forgotten the trouble u had to go thru, but anyways its only a week, will be over real soon. My first eye was overcorrected slightly, I got no problems with that! should be able to see even further i think :P ..... now lets settle this eye first....

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Off kilter

Tmw will be interesting.

I'm gonna be driving up from here ole' Singapore all the way to KL, have a couple of meets in the afternoon and then drive back in the evening after dinner with some frens.

All of some 330km one way.

Some called me mad. I see it as an adventure. And I seem to recall having done something similar a while ago and that was on a motorcycle. the nite drive will be interesting with the lasered eye not at 100% yet and i having the reduce the power of the glasses on the other unzapped eye to minimise the refractive blurness of one eye on glasses and the other not.

But I'm looking forward to the drive, it relaxes me. Its my form of nirvana......on wheels.

Friday, February 11, 2005

ahhhh back to the gym

I got a couple of things done today.

One was some golf practice. (one sentence speaks volumes)

The other was exchanging my old analog TV cable box for a digital one and while installing it took the opportunity to swap my old dvd player for a newer one (plays more codes and I got it for free!) and cleaned up the mess of cables at the back of the whole tv rack. Put my home theater back online too, now i get 3D sensurround!

And finally i got back into the gym today for some serious training! havent really trained my legs for like 3 months since my marathon prep. Today I still managed to squat 100kg....hmm not bad... did my shoulders and biceps and almost killed my abs...

I am very sure I'll pay for it tomorrow!!!

happy as a bird...tomorrow I'm gonna kill more parts ...haha

oh ya managed to catch on dvd this evening, a movie called Mr 3000...interesting and inspiring, neva too late to do anything and to do the right thing..

Monday, February 07, 2005

Its time to be Roosterfied

Wow so fast..... time buzzes by
Its already Feb and Chinese New Year is here
I always dreaded CNY
but for some reason this year I'm acually looking forward to it
I get an awesome 5 days off this year! wed till sun..
I'm so flabbergasted I havent a clue what I'm going to do with the time
Probably wilt it away with movies and more movies...or books
Speaking of books, I've got a ton that I havent read yet
from fiction to non fiction... i know what to do liao.....beach, book, drinks.....yippee!
oh yeah musnt forget golf too, been too long since i did that stuff
now i've got a ton of things to do!
and i get to celebrate cny with one good eye haha...better than none!


Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Zapped at last - LASEK (no you read right)

Ok finally! Got my eye laser treatment done last friday.

It was done only on one eye, the left one first. this was becos the recovery period for this version of the treatment aka LASEK is a bit more tedious (as opposed to the more famous LASIK) but potentially safer over the long run.

Was a rather interesting wasnt that difficult as i thot.. abit of a struggle to keep focused on the dat big bright red light.... Main problem was that i was trying not to blink but i had on eye lid retractors so it din matter anyway! It struck me after the zapping! duh! ....there was very little pain other than the brief period when the local anesthetic wore off but the eyedrops took care of that real fast

The recovery has been interesting with a lot of blurring /hazing of vision but right on the very next day i could already see that my sight was wayyyy better (like 2 lines short of 20/20 or 6/6 depending if u metric or not) than it used to be. Biggest problem is the bandage contact lens i gotta wear for abt 7 days...kinda irritating sometimes, feels like a ill fitting lens.

It was amazing to wake up the next day and actually be able to see some stuff without my glasses or the first time I've been able to clearly see where the soap was when taking a shower!

But i must admit, up till yesterday i had doubts to the efficacy of the procedure cos there was no noticeable improvement since the second day.

BUT today! Day 6 after the zap; voila!! I can see! I can see! Details!!!!

Like I could see tree leaves today! albeit those that are further away, my near vision still sucks, my price for asking for full correction... but then again i wanted to play golf ... haha cant have everything

Whoopee cant wait to do the other eye...shame it has to be after Chinese New Year....

Still I'm pretty happy...:)

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