Sunday, March 27, 2005

Woke up a bit..

Hmmm over the weekend, it suddenly dawned on me that my Mt KK climb is only 3 weeks away and I havent really been training! So dragged myself to the gym over the weekend and did some climbs on the treadmill.

Yup good old treadmill, try this, set the speed to 5.0 km/h, set the incline to 15% (max) and walk for 30 mins. If you are not breathing hard after 5 mins, man you're really good and fit. As for moi....I think a porno movie wouda been quieter.... whew
I managed to get my heartrate up to 170bpm which is 95% of my max HR...not bad...but eventually i had to go slower and slower to make 30 mins.....

The other thing I did was to get me a pair of hiking boots. I was torn between getting a normal pair and a waterproof pair, the price of which was double the regular one, in the end, my memories of Mt Ophir came flooding back and I opted for the waterproof pair, better safe than sorry. So it was Hitec ($20 less) vs Columbia, I got the Columbia ones....

So i wore them awhile yesterday and will be wearing them all day today to break them in. Doing a trek on a hill this weekend too to get a feel....

Looked at some pics on the web of Mt KK....hmmmm.....memories came back again, do I really want to do this???

Yeah... unfinished chapter this is... :D

Monday, March 14, 2005


I spent the better part of an afternoon trying to help a friend sort out her personal issues(aka $$) but what really stumped me and had me dumbfounded and mystified at her apparent lack of fight. Which then had me reflecting, are all people like that? When the going gets tough, the people disappear.... or want to run away. I know what this feels like, but I've learned the best (although usually very painful) way to deal with problems is to meet them head on.

Or is it just me applying and expecting unreasonable results or reactions from the other party. After all I am not them. I guess this is one of my biggest fallacies, I always assume if I can handle it so can others. I guess not. Another friend bites the she is planning on running away from her problems and not coming back... sigh... I think I'll just stick to rescuing pets...easier to handle than trying to rescue humans.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Goodbye Old Chum

Today marks the 12th time I've sold a car...

Its the second time I've had a heartbreak selling a car...I've had so many I have trouble remembering all of was actually tough to see if I left out any... but these were the ones stuck in my mind cos I could remember them immediately...except one..the Mini cos i had that for only a week...

I've always love cars, I loved driving them even more.

Oh the adventures I had in them...mainly all over malaysia but some places in SG too... my favourite among all of them was a 1995 Suzuki Swift. It had a tiny 1 litre engine, but it was a sedan and the most fun thing I ever had on 4 wheels... the problem was that i only realised it when I sold it and then i was heartbroken... I went everywhere with it, penang, cameron, genting, kl, melaka .... i did the bulk of my malaysian drive trips in it, 2 people in it, 4 people, it was a gem, it had what could be called character. Never did i realise how much i missed it till it was gone. It was also my first and only new car. I loved the simplicity but yet it had almost everything i wanted....sigh

Today came my second heartbreak...not as wrenching as the first..but still...
Just sold my car today, a honda civic, not any normal sedan but a highpowered high performance version, it was fun, it was fast and it handled. I also had this car the longest of any I've ever had, the other averaged 2 years..this one i kept it for nearly 5 years... but it was time to let it go....

sigh..dont know when i will get another car again... its getting too expensive and troublesome to maintain a car here. My bike serves me well enough for the daily transport stuff with the ocassional banzai down a curvy road...

Yeah yeah, some people will say its only a car.. I'd suggest they replace the word car with something they have fun or memories with, and try to repeat the sentence..

For remembrance....the list...
Toyota Starlet
Mazda 323
Nissan Sunny
Daihatsu Charade
Suzuki Swift
Subaru 700
Nissan March
Ford Laser
Suzuki Swift
Toyota Corona
Honda Civic

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