Saturday, March 25, 2006

A really nice day

Haiz! Yippee! Hohoho!

Everyone, thanks for all the advice and tips. Altho I tried to eenie meenie minee mo, the hiao side of me won....

I got to kill four birds with one car today! (albeit driving thru a snowstorm to get there, kinda amazed myself when I slowed down as I hit the storm only to look down and see myself going "slow" at 120kmh on snow :P)

I got to eat Siew Yoke (roasted pork), sorry no pic, no camera yet.

I got to buy me a durian which I will devour later!!!
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I got to check out a lot of cars!!!

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But the new Honda Civic grabbed me! I'm eyeing the Si version (after I get me a new job! haha) which has the 2 litre 200hp engine, 6 speed manual box, race tuned suspension *saliva already dripping* but what blew me away was the sexiest, coolest dashboard this side of the starship USS Enterprise (I'm gonna get me the licence plate NCC1701R, R for Racy, anyone a Trekkie here?)) , it looks wayyyyyyy better in the real, thing, check out the guages, wth separate tachometer (in front of sterring wheel) and a further up the dash under the windscreen the speedometer) with the hues of blue, I just love that blue, a speedometer that looked like it's colour was airbrushed in...weeee...wheet!! now I know what my next car might be! I also miss my ole Civic I had in SG which was the SiR model, Image hosting by Photobucketdamn stable and damn fast that thing, oh my memories of a couple of 190kmh runs in it *sniff I miss it* check out my speedo on one late night run ....(and I musn't forget to get the radar dectector also... and I also saw the new Dodge Charger Hemi R/T Daytona...wahhhhh.....damn mean fella with that big block 5.7L V8, but banana yellow aint my colour, I wonder what the insurance will be like)


I got me a new cam!!!! (i'm proud I didn't give in to temptation and got something more expensive instead). So there I was, at Best Buy a store that has all kind of electronics something like Harvey Norman's. I had a look at the Canon first ... hmmm that thing is fatter than my 35mm film camera. But it had nice features, that 4x zoom can be useful. Then I went around to the other side of the aisle, spotted the Nikon and flipped.

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Its half the size of the Canon, half the weight. It fits into my pocket, was cheap. Enuff said.

But like a true Geek, I spent at least half an hour weighing the pros and cons of each (but really dreaming of a Fujifilm S5200 at another store but twice the price but got 10X zoom leh, check out Marita's pics, but then again I gave up SLR photos, those were film days, digital not even invented yet, cos I got lazy and wanted to just point of shoot, got tired of adjusting all the time, or having to carry 2 cameras, one 35mm auto and one SLR, anyone remember shutter speed and aperture settings or for that matter remember what SLR stands for? test time! (marita you can't answer!!) but actually feature wise both more or less the same.

So that held me back, I used to dabble in some serious SLR film photo, loved doing lots of time lapse night shots, black and whites.... maybe I might get back into it ... but when you're good, even a 35mm lens will do hehe, come to think of it, I still have a Yashica 120mm camera with a lookdown viewfinder and twin lenses, circa 1965, the one that took my baby pics, I still have it !haha, all the recent pics I posted here were taken with a Sony U50 a tiny 35mm cam, 2MPixel, no zoom, limited ISO, limited just about everything, so needed to carefully frame the shots.. )

So now I got me a new toy !!!! with lots more features and a 3x zoom! big improvement haha

Tomorrow I'm heading out to see what it can do....but a forecast is for a snow storm hmmmm.....lessee if I can capture snowflakes falling, that'll be cool...or I might be asking too much....

U know what kind of durian issit?? Thai or our local durian??? Our local durian is the most smelly and delicious one!! Thank god u are not doing any CPR on somebody!!LOL

The best way to test out your new camera is to CAMWHORE!!!!!

Wahhh.. durian!!! Durian!!! Damn, I just came back from the pasar malam. Had I seen this before I went, I would have returned home with durians too! That durian looks huge, must be Thai! Hor?

The camera.. ok lah. whatever. I also dun know what talking you. *shrugs* but.... what I know is, you should, MUST Camwhore!!!

*JoMel joins in Helen's parade*
Wow, durians in Canada? Wished I had bought some when I was Jusco just now.
u speed demon u!!

so when u taking me for a ride? ;) can? can?? :D i'm a speed lover ;)

the new honda civic memang cun!!!
CAMWHORE?!! Forget that! Share that durian!!!!!
Huh? What's CAMWHORE? You mean CAM SHARE?

Never mind, just share the durian. You mean, Canadian durian is still worth eating?
By the time you're reading this, is the durian gone??? Any gwai loh needed CPR after sniffing your durian odor?? :-P
haha its a thai durian *licks lips*
you all slow lah, disappear damn time to take pics, finger licking good :D

eh what camwhore? :P

angel, you should see the civic coupe yummylicious
Use your new camera and take some pics of yourself!! lol Camwhore!
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