Wednesday, April 26, 2006

So lagged….

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How I wish I could be like this Bighorn Sheep just laze around, this guy is big, sitting down and is already half the height of the signpost, standing he as tall as the car! Took the scenic route back home after my excursion to Banff on Sunday and came across him and his harem. I think if he charge my car, the car siong already. Lucky he just eyeballing me….

Boy am I seriously Jet Lagged.
Today is Wednesday and I’m still feeling the effects even though I came back on Saturday, 4 days ago.
I usually don’t have it so bad. Maybe age is catching up,
Like now its 6pm and I‘m like where’s the bed?
I just wanna crawl into in and hide under the covers.
Coupled with a slight cold today;
A gout attack and being overloaded on NSAIDS as a result
It makes things really weird.
Floating around….


Eyes wide shut

With you being seriously jet lagged, lucky for the sheep that you didn't charge it instead. Then it will be the 'siong' one. hehe!
when I went to London for 2 weeks, my internal clock went haywire when I got back as well. sleepwalking during the day, pinballing around by evening. took me 3 cups of coffee a day and a really good night's rest on the 4th day to straighten things out... well, about 80% at least. almost there, karipapboy!
Hello, still awake? Counting sheep, of course. Try not sleeping for one full day, and I bet you, your system will be ok.

Life is as usual here in SG. Chee Soon Juan is naughty again, been raining cats & dogs and as always, everything so fast paced. Feel like I wanna be like the BigHorn Sheep. Horn Sheep, no need Big. :-)
MaS(Oops!) is right: try not sleeping, or partying. Someone once told me exercise is good for jet lag. Someone was very weird....
Unker FF, you're nearly there.
NSAIDS=Painkillers ar?
Its 3.30am here ....

I woulda brot that sheep home as a pet instead ! Then it will really siong, kena manja until it tah boleh tahan LOL

hmmmm 3 cuppa of kopi.... hmmmmm
I think I'm going straight to caffeine tablets.... :P

Mother Superior,
I did try not sleeping all day day before and yesterday worse!!!
I think partially stress oso lah, me plotting to move to the city and so now head giddy... so many things to do

Aiyoh, Chee is really PhD meh? really permanent head damage (PHD), hard but dumb worker, not working smart... I personally think if he been more intelligent about his methodology he'd have a seat by now.

rain rain!! we need that here, its soooooo dusty!

did that, it is worse.....
exercise eh?.....
NSAIDS stronger than painkillers, I big guy, need heavy duty stuff :P
For jet lag I always make myself stay awake until 8 or force my self to go to bed as the case may be.

Hope you recover soon.
hei jet lag or not...don't forget to write a biz plan for your pau or puff.
Mmmm, I see Curry Mutton...... Lots of puffs there..

To counter jet-lag, go First Class.. Lots of Trolley Dollies with nicks and #s..
Now why would Big Horny Sheep wants to charge your car?.....unless you are so horny that you're deem a threat to his harem. LOL
is it jetlag or being plain lazy? Just kidding. Though I would totally use jetlag for lazing reason.. ;) Now let's get started with the mutton curry puff!
i always experience jet lag when i came back from holidays....however i'm suffering from lagging now even though i never flew!

it's more of all the relaxation during holidays is gone and back to normal of all the shit at work..

sleep more work to get back the system to function'll change for the better..
Simple American,
I went to bed at 11 at awoke at 4 sheesshhh

See Fei
ya ya coming up!
right now I stress lah, thinking of how to move to the city, think too much! LOL

L B,
curry mutton this weekend first!!!
first class!!! LOL wait wait my lotto ticket not in yet

Cocka Doodle,
cos big honry sheep jeles of big shiny car?

you know what, I went and bot me some flour to make the dough and alamak no rolling pin!! hmmmm have to improvise somehow...

LOL I know how that feels!
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