Monday, June 04, 2007


This past week has been work, work, work, go dancing, watch Shrek 3, hahaha, back to work, work, bummer.....

But there is light at the end of the tunnel !
I'm going on vacation starting tomorrow !
I'm heading to Waterton / Glacier National Park for a week of hiking, kayaking and basically lazing around. Ahhhhh'mmm a happy camper...yodelayeeyooo

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Later blokes!

Happy Vacationing, FF!! :)
Have fun!!! Don't forget to snap a lot of pictures :)
eeeeeee, I LOVE that bunny bucket!! where'd you get that?

have a wonderful time, happy camper you!
I'm back just in time to bid you farewell. haha

Have lots of fun. Maybe catch a bigger bunny while you're at it.

*wink wink*
May u have a great time..

yes, I need a break too.
hope you enjoy your holidays!
Have a good holiday, Flyboy!
I'll be bashing the haggis!
Have a great time..! i so envy you..!
I can't even go up to halifax for more than a day or two.. :(
wei, you back yet?? Miss you and your blog entries lah
what does the tin bucket have to do with camping? *scratching head* u need to take a leak in there when you can't find a proper place to relief yourself? *giggle*
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