Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Weekend trip coming up!

So after having had the motorbike since May, its sad to say I haven't been on a long trip with it! I'm scratching my head wondering where I went wrong with that bit. So finally I’m getting to go somewhere this coming weekend. Up to Jasper, spend the night there and come back the next day. Should be about 950kms in total give or take a few kms. Will be a longish ride about 5-6 hrs each way depending on how long I stop for piccies, breaks and ogling at the odd scene here and there. Good thing I have my Airhawk seat cushion! But darn that my high windscreen isn’t here yet. Oh well, will have to bring along more faceshield cleaner I suppose. Damn bugs.


When are you going to ride to the Florida Keys? :p
like here to KL! take longer than 6 hours and bring back more piccies ok?
Hi hi flyboy! Have you made your trip to the Bahamas yet??

Have left msia, now back in HOT HOT HOT AD. :D
Are we also friends on facebook?? If not, you can find me at may's or albie's. :)
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