Thursday, August 21, 2008

Yet another weather rant

The weather is crazy this week.
Monday we reached record highs here. Officially its 33.7C but my thermometer said 37C. Urrrgghh melting.. the dry air here makes it seem hotter as you don't sweat enough to help cool you down.....
Then today the temp is a high of 13C! In 3 days there is a temp swing of 24C according to my thermometer.
Its expected that this sunday the temp will rebound to 27C.
Like that also dunno how to dress. Shorts or longs? Bring jacket or not? Maybe I should go back to bear skins and fig leaves... Grrrrr

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I hear yer..!


What is pink? A rose is pink

By the fountain's brink.


What is red? A poppy's red

In its barley bed.


What is blue? The sky is blue

Where the clouds float thro'.


What is white? A swan is white

Sailing in the light.


What is yellow? Pears are yellow,

Rich and ripe and mellow.


What is green? The grass is green,

With small flowers between.


What is violet? Clouds are violet

In the summer twilight.


What is orange? Why, an orange,

Just an orange!

---------- by maple story account
If weather is crazy, sometimes hot sometimes cold, just wear a T-shirt or singlet and bring a jacket with you wherever you go :)
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