Sunday, April 30, 2006

So the adventure continues .... Its Karipap time!

Hopefully it'll now be Mark I instead of protoype phase2.

The weekend is here again, again I drove into Calgary to get these little bits of karchang, this driving up and down is getting boring can't wait to move.
a rolling pin
a ladle
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I wasn't exactly over the moon on my first attempt, got waylaid with a wrestling a dough.

So this time around, I am making my own dough. Got me the flour, the karchang and proceeded to make my own dough. Now as I said before I have NEVER made any dough before (last week didn't count since it was ready made), so its my first time and I wasn't really expecting anything to turn out. Already had the dough recipe from the the curry puff recipe earlier. Alright, lets get going.

Took out a big bowl, poured in the flour approx 2 cups worth, start small eh, added about 2 table spoons of margarine, added about a cup of water, a sprinkling of salt, got out the big wooden spoon and proceded to mix the whole lot together.
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Wah! hard work mixing the mix! Through a process of adding bit more flour, a bit more canola oil, abit more water, I eventually ended up with about half a bowl's worth of dough. Hmmm just nice, can squeeze it like Playdough, was nice and stretchy. Tried rolling out a bit of dough, hmmm seems to work. Ok back to this later.

Then started work on the filling. Got me my pototoes, carrots, onions and ...alamak where's the chicken???

Aiyoh just remembered I cooked it a few days ago and I forgot to get more. Die lah, now how.

Then I got rescued, I spied a box of swedish meatballs in the freezer, hallelujah! salvation is here, will make beef curry puff instead!!! I also grabbed some fresh shitake mushrooms that was convenient nearby. Not gonna repeat how to make the filling except it made my biceps bigger stirring that thing. Go here to read about it.

After the filling was ready, it was time to work on the dough. Wielding my miniature japanese rolling pin, I pulled off a ping ball sized piece of dough, put it on the table over wax paper and proceeded to roll me a nice flat piece of dough. Hah! all that time watching TV is paying off. I'm pretty happy how the dough turned out, nice, pliable.

So roll roll, roll your puff, happily down the street...humming as I made the puffs, rolled out one piece, tossed in the filling, crimped the edges, started on another, was afraid the dough might break, but wah I made it really pliable, somehow.

I managed to make about 9 pieces of puff, albeit in varying sizes since I was experimenting with bigger and smaller pieces of dough.

Not having a deep fryer, I chose the smallest piece to fry first, anticipating a possible deja vu moment of disintergrating puff. But no! It held! yippee!! did a quick dance and then slowly one by one fried the others. So finally after a lonnnnnng time, dilly dallied too much, next time I'll turn off the TV and prepare either the dough or filling earlier. VOILA!

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The final product. Yummy, looked good .... (Oi Helen, where the mold? quick quick, LOL)

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Tasted even better! Had incorporated some lessons from the prototype for the filling. I'm happy....but my hands smell of dough...
Next...maybe a pie?

LOL!!! You're getting good at this! I am still relying on ready made dough/pastry.. Ok, I made some kalipap too ~ dang tasty!! Need a mould too. But, yes, next time, squirrel pie!! With nuts..
those curry puffs look good.. great job! Now you need to perfect the shape and you are ready to sell! Can you ship to States? :P

PS. a good exercise too eh?
Wah, following LB's and May's footsteps, ah? Yummylicious!
This look so much better than the prototype. LOL
and delicious looking too. Well done flyboy! er...i mean karipap boy!
Waahh..very impressive your karipaps! Not called karipap boy for nothing, eh? Can start your own chain of bakery called 'Karipap Boy'!! :D
Pity you didn't start your baking before you came back. Could've bought you the karipap moulds to take back to Canada. There are even mini ones to make peanut puff! When are you coming this way again? Maybe can send via snail mail too. Want or not??
Yummy. I'll be right over for mine. :)
pss pss... why look abit like pisang goreng wan?

but the inti looks very kalipap ;)

*opens me small mouth, waiting to be fed*
Did you know that when I see karipap, I think of you?

Is that good or bad?
L B,
show show your karipap!
squirrel pie !!! LOL

ya ya now can use mould hah!
how many dozen u wanna order? ship fedex can? LOL
*nice strong arms now*

De Book Worm,
can't let those 2 ahve all the fun eh? :D

Cocka Doodle,
it does taste loads better too!
come here lah, I make for u :P

tq tq, this is mark I, wait for the mark IIs, I figured out how to make nice even shapes liao :D
mini moulds? peanut puffs?
now there's an idea..... wait wait I think miss helen might be sending some over.... thanks!

Simple American,
see what you're missing here? :D

wah!!!! blog!!!!
pisang goreng to attract flies, oops I mean foodies mah..:P
*feeds angel nice hot karipap, bit by bit*

good good!! means you u hungry!
wah not bad.. if u put more butter or gee into the dough, it should be better..

but then again.. it is more fattening..
Niu and improved!
*waits for MarkII*
can smell karipap calling me
I saw the karipap moulds today - they actually have 3 sizes (S,M,L). If miss helen still busy with her guests, let me know. I'll get them for you, 'kay? No problem, can send stuff to Italy, can also send to Canada! :)
Issit? Never mind the fat, how much more butter??? :D

L B,
Rocket launched yet?

Akan Datang!
Oso maybe Mark I peanut puffs!

*quickly sends some puffs to MsLL * nice?
Hey FF. Please visit my blog and vote. You have a little over 36 hours before the polls close. :)
i've to admit that these karipap looked so much better, it shld taste so much better than the previous attempt?

furthermore..beef meat balls instead of chicken...creative!!!

as others has said..worked on the shape...and u're ready to open for business...

when coming over here for franchise??
Karipap boy?? LOL

Ei, I'll send ur karipap mold next week....

Pie? YES, YES, YES!!! Please! lol

Damn, this new age strong sensitive guy thing is really good. **think lb and kariboy**
wah liao...silai sat sau with his "killing me softly with your pulp" karipap LOL
Simple American,
Already voted...with my initials

if only u could have eaten them, heaven! *sighs contentedly*

hey here better for franchise, there too much competition!!!

my new nick u like? nowadays the metrosexual is in.... sigh whatever happened to the arnolds? must all be in italy ..*eyes lb*

See Fei,
kena pulped more like it LOL
Nice! Where you get this guestbook? I want the same script.. Awesome content. thankyou.
Nice colors. Keep up the good work. thnx!
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